Last Man (and dwarf, elf, and half-breed) standing

After Slavery

The four were all captured at some point by slavers, and tasked to rowing a ship, until a lowly rogue, hiding in the bilge, decided to materialize as starvation pressed closer for him. He freed the party and let them run amuck on the ship, with many other slaves, until they could sail the ship towards the horizon. However, while enslaved, hell broke loose. The Dwarves that voluntarily held back the orcs decided that it was no longer their responsibility so they retreated to their fortresses, and left other races to fend for themselves. Elven magic was able to shield many of their communities from the evil forces. Orcs ravaged all the lands, except for one human kingdom, Faralia. Human resistance groups exist in small pockets, but the majority of all land has been turned over to the Orcs.



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